Month: December 2020

Travel vaccines are nothing new. Don’t be alarmed!

A stock photo of a small vaccine needle sucking up a dose from a vial.

It looks like some articles are floating around about potential future travel policies requiring travelers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Such policies are not new, only the disease these vaccines are designed to prevent is new. As a child I have fond memories of attending travel clinics before our summer trips to the Philippines, where […]

When COVID-19 kills someone society actually tries to save, simply change the cause of death

The Letlow family are a family of four: a mom, a dad, and two young children. Mom and dad both have brown hair and their children have blonde hair. They all have light skin and are standing in front of a covered bridge.

Unfortunately, a 41-year-old man, husband, and father, has passed away from complications of COVID-19. He was also a Republican recently elected to Congress, who spoke out against pandemic-responsive policies in Louisiana. It should go without saying that, regardless of their political persuasion or personal opinions about COVID-19, nobody deserves to die of this disease. Luke […]

The YMCA takeover of Tuhey Park: a quick primer and opinions

A birds-eye photograph of Tuhey Park in Muncie, Indiana, showing green space, pool, and shelter.

A common staple of life in Muncie, Indiana, is having to occasionally field cartoonishly bad ideas from elected officials and private interests, and prevent them from actually materializing. Last year, it was the agreement between the City and Zinc Nacional to subsidize a large zinc-recycling facility upwind of town, which would have created significant zinc […]