Month: February 2021

The world’s most famous “But you don’t look sick!”: JFK

A black and white photograph of President Kennedy arriving from a limo with crutches. Kennedy has light skin and dark hair. An aide, with his back turned, is opening the limo door.

The subject of former President John F. Kennedy’s health was one of great fascination both when he was alive and the president, and posthumously. During his campaign for president, JFK denied rumors of his poor health, while opponent Richard Nixon assigned his staffers to steal medical records from doctor’s offices; they were unsuccessful. This article […]

Men’s autonomy, women’s responsibility: Brian Warner, part 2

Evan is a blonde woman with light skin and blue eyes. She has makeup smeared down her cheeks from tears and she's sitting with her seatbelt on in the car.

Note: I will be referring to Brian Warner, the rock musician professionally known as Marilyn Manson, by his legal name throughout this post. This is done deliberately to disarm him. Brian Warner doesn’t get to be the big scary goth god anymore. The name Brian Warner reveals himself for who he truly is: a scared, […]

Gendering health anxiety: why is it “weak” to fear sickness, but “brave” to fear treating it?

A cartoon of a scared woman with light skin and dark hair wearing a surgical mask and looking worriedly at the large coronaviruses in her periphery.

Here’s a potential research question I’ve had all day. Is it possible that the stigma surrounding health anxiety exists because we associate health anxiety with being feminine? We know, based on the data that we have about health anxiety that it’s common, with conservative estimates putting it at 4-5% of the population (it may perhaps […]