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On recognizing Veteran’s Day as a leftist American

A military portrait of Kurt Vonnegut as a young man. Kurt wears a military uniform and has short blonde hair and pale skin.

(CW: mental illness, war, suicide) There’s been a lot of talk within the American left about whether or not it’s appropriate, tasteful, or even ethical to recognize and celebrate our veterans. Younger leftists without historical context may not realize that we began having these conversations several decades ago, in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. […]

Race is an asinine social construct and that’s why Whoopi Goldberg was bad at describing it

Whoopi is an older woman with small glasses, dark skin, and blonde faux dreads. The image has a quote superimposed: On today's show, I said the Holocaust "is not about race, but about man's inhumanity to man." I should have said it is about both. As Jonathan Greenblatt from the Anti-Defamation League shared, "The Holocaust was about the Nazi's systematic annihilation of the Jewish people - who they deemed to be an inferior race." I stand corrected. The Jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver. I'm sorry for the hurt I have caused. Written with my sincerest apologies, Whoopi Goldberg.

Recently, for those who are just joining us for today’s episode of Trashy Celebrity Gossip Intersects With a Complicated Message About Social Justice, a la “That Funny Feeling” by Bo Burnham, Whoopi Goldberg has recently screwed up. As a cohost on talk show The View, during a discussion about the book Maus being removed from […]

Compassion fatigue: an inevitable consequence of the anti-vaccine movement

People protesting against vaccines that nobody is forcing them to get. A woman with light hair and skin wears Blue Lives Matter paraphernalia and holds a sign that says "LET ME CALL MY OWN SHOTS", while another woman with light skin and hair in the background holds up a red phone and a sign that says "NO FORCED VACCINES".

In California, the percentage of vaccinated patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is “effectively zero”. Recently, a physician in a COVID unit published an op-ed in the LA Times about compassion fatigue; namely, that they are beginning to develop it for their patients–who are, again, entirely unvaccinated. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard such an opinion […]

Columbine: the movement America should’ve never wanted to start

A grid of headshots of each of the victims of the 1999 Columbine massacre.

In the original narrative about the Columbine massacre, an entire school of students were blamed for the actions of two of their peers–blah blah blah, these two men were badly bullied, and that’s why they blew up your friends–and, instead of any measures which would’ve even addressed the false bullying narrative, districts began pouring money […]

Why arguments about COVID survivors don’t actually convince anyone to care

Professor Mike Baldwin of the "guess I'll die" meme. Dr. Baldwin wears a red long sleeve shirt and he is a man with pale skin and white hair and beard. He is shrugging, and the picture of him shrugging is tiled in the background too.

Y’know how a common adage in pro-COVID response communities is that it’s not just about deaths but about how many people will suffer in the process? How many people will get long COVID, end up with permanent respiratory damage, etc? This is one of those things that often goes in one ear and out the […]

How the mainstream construction of empathy has harmed the autistic community

A quote by Temple Grandin. Her face is shown. She has pale skin and greying brown hair. The quote reads “Normal people have an incredible lack of empathy. They have good emotional empathy, but they don’t have much empathy for the autistic kid who is screaming at the baseball game because he can’t stand the sensory overload. Or the autistic kid having a meltdown in the school cafeteria because there’s too much stimulation."

How the mainstream construction of empathy has harmed the autistic community Excluding references and external links, here are a handful of psychological constructs and the number of times they appear in the Wikipedia page for “empathy” as of March 18, 2021: Antisocial: 3 Bipolar: 3 Narcissism and narcissistic: 3 Trauma: 3 Schizophrenia and schizoid: 5 […]

The world’s most famous “But you don’t look sick!”: JFK

A black and white photograph of President Kennedy arriving from a limo with crutches. Kennedy has light skin and dark hair. An aide, with his back turned, is opening the limo door.

The subject of former President John F. Kennedy’s health was one of great fascination both when he was alive and the president, and posthumously. During his campaign for president, JFK denied rumors of his poor health, while opponent Richard Nixon assigned his staffers to steal medical records from doctor’s offices; they were unsuccessful. This article […]

Men’s autonomy, women’s responsibility: Brian Warner, part 2

Evan is a blonde woman with light skin and blue eyes. She has makeup smeared down her cheeks from tears and she's sitting with her seatbelt on in the car.

Note: I will be referring to Brian Warner, the rock musician professionally known as Marilyn Manson, by his legal name throughout this post. This is done deliberately to disarm him. Brian Warner doesn’t get to be the big scary goth god anymore. The name Brian Warner reveals himself for who he truly is: a scared, […]

Gendering health anxiety: why is it “weak” to fear sickness, but “brave” to fear treating it?

A cartoon of a scared woman with light skin and dark hair wearing a surgical mask and looking worriedly at the large coronaviruses in her periphery.

Here’s a potential research question I’ve had all day. Is it possible that the stigma surrounding health anxiety exists because we associate health anxiety with being feminine? We know, based on the data that we have about health anxiety that it’s common, with conservative estimates putting it at 4-5% of the population (it may perhaps […]

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