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Dude, where’s my genes?

Hypermobile dancers doing the splits and other party tricks next to a caption that reads "BORN THIS WAY?"

In general, having a genetic disorder known to cause severe pain, neurological complications, digestive complications, and possibly its own subtype of autism is mostly a pain in the ass. After explaining Ehlers-Danlos syndrome to a good friend of mine, she remarked that it sounded extremely inconvenient. Far from the dire feelings I had about my […]

Gendering health anxiety: why is it “weak” to fear sickness, but “brave” to fear treating it?

A cartoon of a scared woman with light skin and dark hair wearing a surgical mask and looking worriedly at the large coronaviruses in her periphery.

Here’s a potential research question I’ve had all day. Is it possible that the stigma surrounding health anxiety exists because we associate health anxiety with being feminine? We know, based on the data that we have about health anxiety that it’s common, with conservative estimates putting it at 4-5% of the population (it may perhaps […]

Take the Easyway out of smoking!

The cover for the book Allen Carr's Easyway To Quit Smoking Without Willpower.

I did not want to make this announcement until I was absolutely sure I’d stick with the decision, so that nobody would be disappointed in me if I failed, but here goes. I hope nobody thinks I’m bragging, I’m just happy to have good news for a change. The effect that Ehlers-Danlos syndrome has on […]