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Travel vaccines are nothing new. Don’t be alarmed!

A stock photo of a small vaccine needle sucking up a dose from a vial.

It looks like some articles are floating around about potential future travel policies requiring travelers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Such policies are not new, only the disease these vaccines are designed to prevent is new. As a child I have fond memories of attending travel clinics before our summer trips to the Philippines, where […]

Relationships 101: yes, we need an actual class for this

A man and woman, both with brown hair and light skin, sitting back-to-back, not facing each other, and looking upset.

1 in 2 American children eventually witness the separation of their parents. 1 in 5 American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 1 in 7 American children suffer physical abuse or neglect during their childhood. 1 in 4 American girls and 1 in 6 American boys experience sexual abuse in childhood. Let’s just make […]