Take the Easyway out of smoking!

I did not want to make this announcement until I was absolutely sure I’d stick with the decision, so that nobody would be disappointed in me if I failed, but here goes. I hope nobody thinks I’m bragging, I’m just happy to have good news for a change.

The effect that Ehlers-Danlos syndrome has on the heart and circulatory system has taken its toll and it was recently recommended I go on medication to control my heart rate. Well, that sounded awful. Instead, a couple of weeks ago, I quit smoking cold turkey, and I do not regret this a bit. I have had some mild cravings and mood swings but they get better every day. Now that I don’t smoke, I have already mostly reversed the tachycardia. I feel terrific and have much more energy and fewer heart symptoms.

I smoked from the time I was 15, and had tried every quitting method, from pills to lozenges to vaping to inhalers. I’m ashamed to admit as a mother that this is the longest I’ve gone without nicotine since the tenth grade.

I highly recommend the “Easyway” method to quit smoking, if you’re ready. I certainly was!

Update: as of December 24th, I have still not smoked or used any nicotine. No way but Easyway!

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