Teaching Portfolio

To satisfy the requirements of my EDHI 699 practicum at Ball State, which itself is to satisfy the requirements of my graduate certificate in higher education teaching, I present my teaching portfolio.

Spring 2022, SOC 341, Sociology of Health and Illness:

Course description: Analysis of relationships between diseases and the social structure and efforts to cope with sickness. Topics include social factors in the distribution of disease, social stress, the sick role, conventional and alternative healers, and the medical-care system.

SyllabusAnnotated Syllabus

Weekly activities:

Lecture: I originally planned to lecture on Thursday, March 17th, on the subject of doctor-patient interaction. Here are the slides I would have used. However, due to a death in the family, I was not able to attend. Instead, I lectured on Thursday, April 7th, on the subject of complementary and alternative medicine. Here are the slides I used.